Double Tax Deduction



As regards to the above-mentioned subject.

For your information, the Ministry of Finance has agreed to acknowledge RIMC (Research and Innovation Management Centre) as a research institution bound under the Income Tax 1967 (Section 34B).

Through this acknowledgement, therefore, any company that provides monetary contributions in funding a research activity or intends to seek for services that are provided by RIMC is entitled for Double Tax Deduction, as long as the form of services are not in conflict with as what has been defined in the Promotion of Investments Act 1986.

Herewith is a copy of the Acknowledgment Letter issued by the Ministry of Finance for your future reference when dealing with external organisation. The Ministry of Finance is still in the process of issuing the official acknowledgment certificate.

For any further inquiry, please contact:

Dr. Mohd Faizal bin Omar,
Deputy Director of Special Task Unit,
04-928 4772/013-211 7797

Thank you.

About RIMC

The Research and Consultation Centre was established on the 1st of May, 1986. On the 1st of January, 2006, the centre was merged with the Publishing, Broadcasting and Media Technology Division and renamed the Department of Research and Innovation. On 1st of January, 2008, after a restructuring exercise, the department was renamed as the Research and Innovation Management Centre (RIMC).

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